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Free Kanji Dictionary,face Hello, everyone. My name is Miwa.
Welcome to Free Kanji dictionary "J-UKI"
In this site you will learn about Kanji.
Free Kanji Dictionary,face Hello everybody! My name is Satoru.
I support this site along with Miwa.
Free Kanji Dictionary,face Hello. My name is Kazuyo.
There are some wallpaper of Kanji.
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Free Kanji Dictionary,face My name is Kevin.
I found my favorite Kanji.

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Free Kanji Dictionary,face WanWan!! (BowBow!!)
WanWan!! (BowBow!!)
Free Kanji Dictionary,face Oh! I forgot to introduce my dog.
She is Chihuahua.
She barked "WanWan". That is Japanese onomatopoeia.

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