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J-UKI Kanji.

face There are two types of reading of Kanji.

One is On yomi (On reading).
Other is Kun yomi (Kun reading).


face The origin of On yomi is China.
It is difficut to understand of meaning of Kanji itself.

On the other hand, Kun yomi is based on the pronunciation of
a native Japanese word.
Kun yomi is easy to understand of meaning of Kanji.
face Some of Kanji needs Hiragana after Kanji in case of Kun yomi.
It depends each Kanji.


face Both reading(On yomi and Kun yomi) is important to memorize.
face Vocabulary consists Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji.


face I study On reading and Kun reading.
Which reading should I use,when I pronounce the vocabulary
that is used Kanji?
face It depends Vocabulary.
Some of vocabulary uses On reading.
Some of vocabulary uses Kun reading.
Other uses On reading and Kun reading.


face When Kanji is repeated, Kanji is written once and followed by
the repetition sign.


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